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Financial Aid & Scholarships

The purpose of financial assistance is to provide funds to students that otherwise would be unable to pursue a college education.

FAFSA Process:
1) FAFSA FSA ID and Password Creation for Student/Parents
2) FAFSA Registration
3) FAFSA Filing to Dept. of Education (DOE)
4) FAFSA Signature Confirmation via Online
5) SAR Review & its Correction if necessary
6) FAFSA SAR Downloaded by College

C.S.S. Profile Process:
1) CSS Registration
2) User Name & Password Creation
3) C.S.S. Profile to College Board
4) Add Schools
5) C.S.S. Profile Reported to Colleges
6) Business/Farm Form Filing and/or Divorce/Separation Form Filing
7) Check IDOC Requirements and follow ups

Follow up Process after FAFSA/C.S.S. Profile:
1) Need to check any pending requirements for the financial aid office
2) Need to review financial aid offer from the college
3) Arrange any loans if necessary

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